The London Borough of Harrow, 2002-2021

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Party Abbreviations 
Miscellaneous Abbreviations and Symbols

Explanatory Notes 
Map of the London Borough of Harrow 

Borough Election Results, 2002-2021
Belmont  [1]

Canons  [2]

Edgware  [3]

Greenhill  [4]

Harrow on the Hill  [5]  
Harrow Weald  [6]

Hatch End  [7]

Headstone North  [8]

Headstone South  [9]  
Kenton East  [10] 

Kenton West  [11] 

Marlborough  [12] 

Pinner  [13] 

Pinner South  [14] 
Queensbury  [15]

Rayners Lane  [16]

Roxbourne  [17]

Roxeth  [18]

Stanmore Park  [19] 
Wealdstone  [20]

West Harrow  [21] 

Party Representation on Harrow Council

Candidates at Borough Elections 
Votes Cast at Borough Elections

Total Electors, Overall Turnout and Weather on Polling Day 
Change in Total Electors, 2002-2018 

Council Tax 2002-2021

Analysis of Votes by Parliamentary Constituency 

Invalid Liberal Democrat Nominations, 2002

Members of Harrow Council Seeking Re-Election, 2002 
Members of Harrow Council Retiring, 2002 

Mayors of the London Borough of Harrow

Summary of By-Elections

Leaders of the Party Groups 


Parliamentary Constituencies 

The 'Independent Labour Group', 2013-2014 
An Alternative Method for Estimating Party Support

Rejected Ballot Papers 
2001 Census: Selected Statistics

Parliamentary and GLA Elections in Harrow, 2002-2021
    Elections to the European Parliament, London Region, 2004-2019 
    Elections to the Greater London Authority [List Seats] 2004-2021 

Referenda in Harrow

Members of Parliament from 2002: Brief Biographies 
The May 2014 Register of Electors: Introduction, Rayners Lane Ward         Analysis and List of Polling Districts 
Honorary Aldermen of the London Borough of Harrow

Freemen of the Borough of Harrow 

New Ward Structure for the 2022 Borough Election
Press Reports of the Borough Elections 

In Conclusion
Index to Candidates


Additional Data
Ward analysis of voting: 2004 Mayor of London, GLA and European Parliament    

Ward analysis of voting: 2008 Mayor of London and GLA Elections 
Ward analysis of voting: 2012 Mayor of London and GLA Elections 
Ward analysis of voting: 2016 Mayor of London and GLA Elections

Ward analysis of voting: 2021 Mayor of London and GLA Elections

Election Literature and Images