Election Literature and Images, 1934-1953



UDC Elections


George Gange (Lab), Wealdstone North 1935: Notice of election as Councillor. 


Joe Barrow (Lab), Roxeth 1938: Election address. 


Lionel Cridford (RA), West Harrow 1938: Election address. 


John Turner (Lab), West Harrow 1939: "Points" leaflet. 


Arthur Andrews (Ind R), West Harrow 1939: Election address. "Frank Clark" public meeting leaflet. Open letter from Arthur O'Loughlin. 


Arthur Peacock (C), Pinner South 1946: Election address. 


Francis Eady (Lab), Pinner South 1946: Election address. 


Dorothy Nott Cock (C), Pinner South 1947: Poll card. 


Winifred Milner / Albert Soones (Lab), West Harrow 1947: "1+2=" leaflet. 


Arthur O'Loughlin (Ind R), West Harrow 1947: Election address. 


Arthur Peacock (C), Pinner South 1948: Election address. 


Marjorie O'Malley (RA), Pinner South 1948: Election address. 


Walter Lee (C), West Harrow 1948: Election address. 


Sydney Mansell (Lab), West Harrow 1948: Election address. 


Frank Coles / Eric Crowther / Cyril Watts (Lab), Roxbourne 1949: "Points" leaflet. 


Joe Barrow (Lab), Stanmore South 1949: Election address. 



Parliamentary Elections


Parliamentary constituencies in Middlesex in 1945: Outline maps with Harrow East and Harrow West highlighted. 

Norman Bower (C), Harrow West 1945: Election address. 

Joan Thompson (Lab), Harrow West 1945: Election address. Leaflet for women. "Split" leaflet.  Public meeting leaflets. 


Sir Hubert Young (L), Harrow West 1945: Election address. 


Hugh Lawson (CW), Harrow West 1945: Election address. Leaflet for women. 


Robert Rees (Lab), Harrow Central 1950: Election address. 


Leslie Littlewood (Lab), Harrow West 1950: Election address. Public meeting leaflet. 


Leslie Littlewood (Lab), Harrow West 1951 by-election: Election address.


Robert Rees (Lab), Harrow East 1951: Election address. 



Middlesex County Council Elections


Joe Barrow (Lab), Harrow East 1937: Election address. 


Frank Clark (Ind C), Harrow North-West 1937: Election address. Voting guidance flyer. 


Fred Donovan (Lab), Harrow North-West 1946: Election address. 


Ellen Hewett (C), Harrow South-West 1949: Election address. 





Clement Attlee, leader of the Labour Party, 1935-1955.


Silver Jubilee Toffee Tin, 1935.


Harrow Parliamentary Bill 1936 local poll: Harrow Council's statement in support of the Bill.  Leaflet sent to members of Harrow Labour Party. General leaflet in support of the Bill. 


Coronation Teaspoon, 1937.  Boxed spoon for Harrow Urban District Council.

1941 King George VI 2d orange stamp, overprinted "Harrow UDC".

Dinner Party at House of Commons hosted by Fred Skinnard MP in honour of Councillor Frank Coles 1946: Invitation card and signed place card.


Austin K-Series Side Tipper Lorry in 'Urban District Council of Harrow' livery. 


Conservative Party Poster, summarising the ward results of the 1947 UDC election.


Harrow UDC Rate Demand Notice for the financial year 1948-49; also example of Second Demand Notice.


Labour Party meeting with Lord Henderson.  Leaflet advertising a public meeting with the Labour politician, March 1952.


The Coat of Arms of the Urban District of Harrow.  Insert in Stephen King-Hall's 1953 booklet, 'The Crowning of the Queen'.