Harrow-on-the-Hill Urban District, 1894-1933

Wealdstone Urban District, 1894-1933


Hendon Rural District, 1894-1933

Pinner Parish Council, 1894-1933
Harrow Weald Parish Council, 1894-1933
Great Stanmore Parish Council, 1894-1933
Little Stanmore Parish Council, 1894-1933
Edgware Parish Council, 1894-1931


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Party Abbreviations 
Miscellaneous Abbreviations and Symbols 

Explanatory Notes 
Map of the Urban and Rural Districts, 1910 

District Election Results, 1894-1933
Harrow-on-the-Hill UD, 1894-1918 

Harrow-on-the-Hill UD, 1919-1933 
Wealdstone UD, 1894-1918 

Wealdstone UD, 1919-1933 
Hendon RD, 1894-1918 

[Comprising: Pinner, Harrow Weald, Great Stanmore, Little Stanmore and Edgware.] 
Hendon RD, 1919-1933 
[Comprising: Pinner, Pinner (Village), Pinner (Hatch End), Pinner (Headstone), Harrow Weald, Great Stanmore, Little Stanmore and Edgware.] 

Parish Election Results, 1894-1933

Pinner Parish Council, 1894-1918 
Pinner Parish Council, 1919-1933 

[Including: Pinner (Village), Pinner (Hatch End) and Pinner (Headstone).] 
Harrow Weald Parish Council, 1894-1918 

Harrow Weald Parish Council, 1919-1933 
Great Stanmore Parish Council, 1894-1918 

Great Stanmore Parish Council, 1919-1933 
Little Stanmore Parish Council, 1894-1918 

Little Stanmore Parish Council, 1919-1933 
Edgware Parish Council, 1894-1918 

Edgware Parish Council, 1919-1931 

Chairmen of Harrow-on-the-Hill UDC 

Chairmen of Wealdstone UDC 

Chairmen of Hendon RDC 
Chairmen of the Parish Councils 

Polling Dates of Harrow-on-the-Hill UDC Elections 

Polling Dates of Wealdstone UDC Elections 

Polling Dates of Hendon RDC and Parish Council Elections 
Parliamentary Elections: Boundaries and Polling Dates 

Parliamentary Elections: Results, 1885-1941 
Members of Parliament, 1885-1941: Brief Biographies 
Middlesex County Council Elections: Boundaries and Polling Dates 

Middlesex County Council Elections: Results, 1889-1936 
The 1895 Register of Electors 

Local Authority Elections During the First World War 
The 1918 Register of Electors

Parish Councils and their Election 
Pinner Parish Sub-Division in to Three Wards 

Pinner Local Poll (1926) 
Harrow Weald Local Polls (1913, 1925 and 1927) 
Little Stanmore and Edgware Local Polls (1922-1923) 

Edgware Local Poll (1927) 
Hendon Union Board of Guardians: Elections, 1894-1928 

Population Data, 1901-1931 

Indexes to Candidates
Harrow-on-the-Hill UDC Elections 

Wealdstone UDC Elections 
Hendon RDC Elections 

Pinner Parish Council Elections 
Harrow Weald Parish Council Elections 

Great Stanmore Parish Council Elections 
Little Stanmore Parish Council Elections 

Edgware Parish Council Elections 
Parliamentary, MCC and Guardians Elections 

In Conclusion
A Note on the Sources 


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