Election Literature and Images, 1894-1933



UDC, RDC and Parish Elections 

Hendon RDC 1911: Outline map of local authorities in Middlesex, 1911, with Hendon RD highlighted. 

Edgware Parish Poll 1923: Photocopy of Notice of Poll. Photocopy of Declaration of Result of Poll. 

Wealdstone UDC Elections 1925-1933: Photocopies of Labour Party poll cards. 

Reginald Bridgeman (Lab), Headstone 1925 by-election: Election address.  Pinner (Village) 1927 by-election: Election address.


Parliamentary Elections 

Harrow 1885: Map showing the boundaries of Harrow Parliamentary division in Middlesex.


William Peel (LU), Harrow 1906: Campaign photographs.


Parliamentary Divisions in Middlesex, 1918: Map showing the boundaries of Harrow and Hendon Parliamentary divisions.


Oswald Mosley (Ind), Harrow 1923: Election address. 

Philip Lloyd-Graeme (C), Hendon 1923: Election address. 

John Robertson (L), Hendon 1923: "Rally Round Robertson" leaflet. Election address. 

Charles Latham (Lab), Hendon 1923: Leaflet. 

Kenneth Lindsay (Lab), Harrow 1924: Election address. 

Sir Robert Blair (L), Harrow 1924: Poster. Leaflet for women. 

Philip Cunliffe-Lister (C), Hendon 1929: Election address. 

Robert Lyons (Lab), Hendon 1929: Election address. 

Margery Corbett Ashby (L), Hendon 1929: "We Can Conquer Unemployment" booklet. Election address. Portrait postcard.

Amber Blanco White (Lab), Hendon 1931: Election address.




Wealdstone Labour Party: Tea plate.


Wealdstone Independent Labour Party 1903: Photograph taken during a visit to St. Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire. A second photograph shows Wealdstone Labour Party recreating the scene on the 90th Anniversary in 1993.


Hendon Rural District Council: An "Illustrated Report upon the principal activities of the Local Authority for the three years ended 31st March, 1931."