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Parliamentary General Election, 12 December 2019


The results of the three constituencies in the Harrow area are as follows:



HARROW EAST  -  Conservative hold  -  No Change


Robert J. BLACKMAN  -  Conservative Party  -  26,935  -  54.4%

Pamela J. FITZPATRICK  -  Labour Party  -  18,765  -  37.9%

Adam S. BERNARD  -  Liberal Democrats  -  3,791  -  7.7%


Conservative majority 8,170

Electors 72,106

BPs issued 49,726

Rejected BPs 237

T'out 69.0% (including rejected BPs)



HARROW WEST  -  Labour & Co-operative hold  -  No Change


Gareth R. THOMAS  -  Labour & Co-operative Party  -  25,132  -  52.4%

Anwara ALI  -  Conservative Party  -  16,440  -  34.3%

Lisa-Maria BORNEMANN  -  Liberal Democrats  -  4,310  -  9.0%

Rowan N.C. LANGLEY  -  Green Party  -  1,109  -  2.3%

Richard A. JONES  -  Brexit Party  -  931  -  1.9%


Labour & Co-operative majority 8,692

Electors 72,464

BPs issued 48,090

Rejected BPs 158

T'out 66.4% (including rejected BPs)




RUISLIP, NORTHWOOD and PINNER  -   Conservative hold   - No Change


David T. SIMMONDS  -  Conservative Party  -  29,391  -  55.5%

Peymana ASSAD  -  Labour Party  -  12,997  -  24.6%

Jonathan M. BANKS  -  Liberal Democrats  -  7,986  -  15.1%

Sarah C. GREEN  -  Green Party  -  1,646  -  3.1%

Femy AMIN  -  Animal Welfare Party  -  325  -  0.6%

Tracy BLACKWELL  -  Independent  -  295  -  0.6%

Julian J.F. WILSON  -  Independent  -  264  -  0.5%


Conservative majority 16,394

Electors 72,816

BPs issued 53,102

Rejected BPs 198

T'out 72.9% (including rejected BPs)




Local Government Boundary Commission for England:
Ward Boundary Review of the London Borough of Harrow


The LGBCE announced on 31 July 2018 that it was commencing a review in to the ward boundaries of the London Borough of Harrow.  The new ward boundaries would come in to force at the 2022 council election. The Commission will also be conducting a review of 24 other London boroughs.


The Commission state that the "individual borough reviews will decide how many councillors should be elected to each local authority as well as the boundaries and names of council wards.  The reviews aim to make sure votes in London local elections are fair and that each councillor represents roughly the same number of voters.  The Commission will also look at local community interests and ties."


The Commission have also stated in the case of Harrow that they are minded to recommend a council size of 55, a reduction of 8 councillors from the current arrangement with 63 councillors.


The consultation on warding arrangements, that commenced on 31 July, ended on 8 October 2018. The next stage was a consultation on the draft recommendations published by the LGBCE, between 4 December 2018 and 11 February 2019.  Final recommendations were scheduled to be published on 26 March 2019, but the Commission has decided to issue further draft recommendations on 2 April, allowing consultation on these until 29 April 2019.  Final recommendations were published on 28 May 2019 and details can be found on the LGBCE's website.  An examination of the changes have been included as Appendix V in the 2002-2019 section of this website.



The '2018 Review' of Parliamentary Constituencies: Boundary Commission's Final Report Published

The Boundary Commission for England have carried out a review of boundaries for Parliamentary constituencies in England. This review was known as the '2018 Review' as the BCE's final report had to be submitted to Parliament in September 2018. This report was indeed submitted to the Government (on 5 September) and the report subsequently laid in Parliament, thus allowing publication of its details.


If the report is adopted, Harrow would continue to be covered by three constituencies (in whole or in part) but their names and composition would be as follows:


Harrow North (77,308 electors) comprising:

The LB of Harrow wards: Belmont, Canons, Harrow Weald, Headstone North, Headstone South, Marlborough, Rayners Lane, Stanmore Park, Wealdstone, West Harrow.


Harrow South and Kenton (78,246 electors) comprising:

The LB of Harrow wards: Edgware, Greenhill, Harrow on the Hill, Kenton East, Kenton West, Queensbury, Roxbourne, Roxeth.

The LB of Brent wards: Kenton, Queensbury.


Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner (71,331 electors) comprising:

The LB of Harrow wards: Hatch End, Pinner, Pinner South.

The LB of Hillingdon wards: Eastcote and East Ruislip, Harefield, Ickenham, Northwood, Northwood Hills, West Ruislip.


Only the Harrow North constituency would contain wards solely within the area of the London Borough of Harrow.


There has been no announcement of when Parliament will be given a vote on the boundary reviews and the new boundaries were not in force for the General Election in December 2019.